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Westermo SDI-550 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

Westermo SDI-550 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
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Westermo SDI-550 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

The Westermo SDI-550 is a simple unmanaged 5-port 10/100Base-TX Ethernet switch. Its compact IP31 rated aluminum case allows the unit to be fitted into a very small space on an industry standard DIN rail.

The Westermo SDI-550 can operate with variable power sources being able to accept AC 18 ~ 27 V or DC 18 ~ 32 V on a removable connector block.

A single relay output is provided to allow port link down events to be indicated, This function is configured by a simple DIP switch. The switch requires no user setup and will immediately start to operate on power up. The 3.22 Gbit/s switch core ensures that no data delay occurs within the switch. 


  • 5-port 10/100 TX Compact Fast Ethernet switch
  • 3.2 Gbit/s Switch Fabric with excellent data exchange performance
  • Variable power input, AC 18 – 27 V / DC 18 – 32 V
  • Fault relay alarm
  • Aluminum case with IP-31 grade protection
  • –25 ~ 70ºC operating temperature

  • Model: SDI-550
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