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17 Sep Battery Energy Storage Systems and Renewables Merge for a Greener Future
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In the race to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, renewable energy adoption is surging. Within the next three years, around 98% of new power generation is projected to be from renewables, driving a t..
30 Aug Enhancing Data Security with SSL VPNs (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Networks)
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In the realm of remote device access, safeguarding security is paramount. Fundamental practices like altering default passwords, fortifying ports, and deactivating superfluous services are essential..
18 Aug Moxa PoE Solutions for Mission Critical Applications
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As a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions, Moxa offers the most comprehensive portfolio of industrial PoE switches that ensure reliable pow..
09 Aug Westermo Data Communications for Renewable Power Generation
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Power plants that generate electricity from wind turbines or solar panels must ensure continuous operation to optimize their performance, given the seasonality of the power source. It is therefore cri..
08 Aug Westermo Lynx 3000 Helps Futureproof Data Communication Networks
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Compact Gigabit Ethernet Switches Meet Current and Future Requirements of Mission-critical NetworksWestermo has launched a powerful range of compact industrial Ethernet switches and routers to meet th..
21 Jun Accelerate Your Digital Transformation and Sustainability Goals with Moxa AIG-100 Series IIoT Gateways
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In today's business landscape, digital transformation and sustainability are crucial objectives. Energy companies, in particular, require a reliable and efficient system to seamlessly transmit real-ti..
12 Jun Thank You for Attending MASC 2023 Seminar
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Rockford Communication Solutions hosted the highly anticipated MASC Qatar event at the Hilton Hotel in Doha. Industry professionals from various sectors gathered for a full day of enlightening discuss..
12 Jun Moxa Launches World's First Industrial Computer With IEC 62443-4-2 Host Device Certification
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In the realm of industrial IoT, security is paramount. Moxa understands this importance and introduces the UC-8200 Series, setting a new standard for robust and secure Arm-based computers. These cut..
25 Apr Five things you should know about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
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Private information is exposed on the web at an alarming rate. Corporations are selling data for profit, hackers are stealing information and governments are spying. Clearly, it is more critical than ..
19 Apr Visualize the Wireless Networks of Your AGV and AS/RS Systems
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Ensuring the Uptime of Your Wireless NetworkFor AGV and AS/RS SystemsAutomated material handling (AMH) systems are expected to keep booming in the coming years thanks to developing trends in e-commerc..
07 Mar About The MOXA EDS-2000/G2000-EL Series
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As industries keep evolving to become more resilient, it is causing network infrastructure becomes more complex. Even with these changes, it is essential that network devices retain their reliability,..
22 Feb New high-performance CPU for Nexto modular PLC
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Beijer Electronics is delighted to release the new BCS-NX3008 CPU for machine and process applications, delivering the performance, connectivity, and versatility required for Industry 4.0. With advanc..
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