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About Us

Rockford Communication Solutions is a leading supplier and solution provider in Industrial Networking, Automation, Communication, and Computing. Professional technical expertise, Experienced and trained staff, High-quality products, and fully technical support made RCS as one of the most trustable companies in the field of Security, Industrial IT and Automation in Qatar.


RCS is dedicated and committed to the sales of professional high-quality products and solutions in field of Security, industrial data communication, telecommunication, networking, wireless and industrial automation.


Rockford has a reputation of working with organizations that require the highest level of reliability in all different industries. This has shaped Rockford as a reliable and most trusted company in the field of Security, Industrial data connectivity and Automation products.

As an industry-leading Data communication distributor in Qatar, Rockford is specialized in vast selection of the advanced technologies Including Industrial data communication and Computing, Industrial Network Connectivity Wireless solutions. The core business of our company is Security, Industrial IoT, Industrial data communication, PLC, HMI, SCADA & Automation.


We are the only distributor of Moxa, Westermo & CoHu products in Qatar Market. Along with the global technology leaders, our mission is to be the market Technology Leaders in the field of IoT and Connectivity Solutions, in order to keep offering our clients the very latest in technology.



List of the global manufacturer partners Rockford has onboard can be found below.



Moxa as a world-class leader of Industrial Networking and Automation offers a vast range of networking products for various industries such as industrial Ethernet switches, Industrial WIFI, Industrial cellular gateways, Serial and protocol converters, and industrial IP surveillance. Moxa industrial products have been designed very rugged for harsh environments and critical applications. Rockford is the only Distributor of Moxa products in Qatar.


Westermo is a Swedish manufacturer of data communications products for mission-critical application in harsh and extreme environments. Westermo products are used both in urban infrastructures, such as railway and road transportation, water and utilities, as well as in process automation, such as oil and gas and petrochemical.

As a specialist in Robust Industrial Data Communication Westermo has a wide portfolio of ruggedized Ethernet switched and routers, Ethernet extenders, Media and protocol converters, fiber modems as well as ruggedized Wireless Gateways. Rockford is the only Distributor of Westermo products in Qatar.


Beijer Electronics is a high technology company active in industrial automation and data communication. Beijer is a multinational group with its roots in Swedish engineering. By creating and developing innovative technologies and software Beijer increase its customers’ efficiency and reduce their costs, wherever they’re based.

Most of Beijer HMI panels are certified by all major classification societies. Designed to perform in rugged environments and in hazardous areas where gases, vapors, and dust are present. Extended environmental capabilities include operating temp from -30°C to +70°C, high vibrations and high-pressure wash-downs.


Proxim Wireless is a pioneer and global leader in advanced Wi-Fi, point to point and point to multipoint outdoor wireless systems that are purpose-built for mission-critical and high availability communications. With over 30 years of wireless experience, Proxim is recognized for its unparalleled reliability, superior performance, and drive for innovation.

Founded in 1982 in California with over 2 Million products deployed in more than 90 countries, Proxim has a rich Wireless portfolio in unlicensed Microwave wireless spectrum and it’s a first choice of system integrators for backhaul of Security, CCTV, and Video Surveillance networks.


CohuHD Costar™ is a designer and manufacturer of Industrial rugged HD CCTV video surveillance camera systems for critical infrastructure and transportation. CoHu video cameras monitor the most critical, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically traffic (ITS), maritime ports, airports, and railways. 

Founded in 1946, CohuHD Costar manufactures in the U.S the most reliable, ruggedized and high-quality Outdoor video cameras. Rockford is the only Distributor of CoHu Cameras in Qatar.


Videotec is a reliable manufacturer of CCTV Cameras and housing and accessories with design and production facilities in Italy.

Incorporating state-of-the-art components and using the finest materials, Videotec equipment is ruggedly built to give uncompromising levels of functionality and flexibility, coupling automated manufacturing methods and craftsmanship. The range of the offering varies from Video surveillance systems for the offshore industry and Stainless-steel housing for surveillance cameras in all other harsh environments. The range of Explosion-proof CCTV equipment “EEX” products have been certified to meet the ATEX, IECEx and GOST-R standards.