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Since the company's founding, BridgeWave has been committed to wirelessly linking people, places, and things. BridgeWave’s reputation as an industry leader is built on its background of offering extremely reliable, economical, high-capacity point-to-point solutions that deliver their promises and claims. BridgeWave prides itself on providing its connections with clients that entrust it with the security of its networks and their businesses. In 2014, REMEC Broadband Wireless Networks, a well-known original equipment manufacturer that provides customers with a wide range of specialized electric wire and cable solutions, acquired BridgeWave. After the acquisition, REMEC boosted BridgeWave's strength by investing in new engineering and marketing teams and reviving sales and operations. A year later, REMEC was invited to join the Moseley Associates group of companies. This provided REMEC and BridgeWave access to the ground-breaking proprietary RF and other wireless technologies developed by Moseley, allowing them to offer new incomparable products in the market.