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Known worldwide for its data communications devices, Westermo designs and manufactures devices for potentially hazardous environments and mission-critical systems. Its products are used in applications in social infrastructure, such as transportation, water, and energy supply, and the products are also used in the petrochemical and mining industries.

As a world-class Swedish brand, Westermo manufactures and designs all its own products, ensuring maximum product availability, extremely high MTBF, and quality. With its diverse range of products that include industrial Ethernet switches and Ethernet extenders, as well as advanced and up to date industrial cybersecurity products in one box, Westermo offers a comprehensive range of industrial Ethernet products.

Westermo also offers a wide range of wireless products for industrial use. There are many reliable wireless solutions that customers can depend upon, such as 3G/GPRS routers for remote access, GSM modems for legacy serial connections, and Wi-Fi modems for wireless Ethernet connectivity.