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Westermo AD-01 Modbus Converter/Repeater/Controller

Westermo AD-01 Modbus Converter/Repeater/Controller
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Westermo AD-01 Modbus Converter/Repeater/Controller

The AD-01 is an M-Bus adapter that can operate in different communication modes. With the AD-01 it is possible to connect standard RS-232 equipment to an M-bus network. When using the AD-01 as a repeater 120 new slaves can be added to a network. In large networks the AD-01 can be used as zone controller, the RS-232 port and M-bus slave ports can then be activated/deactivated by M-Bus commands.

The AD-01 is designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications. Galvanic isolation between all interfaces guarantees communication in the worst environments. The AD-01 has been tested to meet many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments.

DIP switches are used for all configuration options, parts of the M-Bus protocol is also implemented in case software configuration is needed.

The AD-01 is an industrial adapter for M-Bus communication. AD-01 is a flexible product for the building of M-Bus networks or to extend an M-bus network over a modem or ISDN.


  • Converter between RS-232 and M-Bus
  • M-Bus repeater • M-Bus zone controller
  • Total galvanic isolation & transient protection
  • Industrial EMC, shock and vibration approval tests
  • Serial connection with D-sub or screw terminal
  • DIP switch configuration or M-Bus protocol
  • 250 Individual addresses
  • Data rate set by the protocol or autobaud
  • Two M-Bus interface configure options master or slave
  • Extend an M-Bus network over modem or ISDN connection
  • The AD-01 master interface can drive up to 120 slave loads
  • Model: AD-01
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