In today's interconnected world, maintaining a seamless and uninterrupted electricity supply is crucial, especially with the increasing complexity of the grid. As more consumers adopt solar energy, decentralized electricity generation becomes common, necessitating precise control at the grid's edge. While some secondary substations are linked to control centers, relying solely on primary substations for communication poses risks to service quality. Managing countless secondary substations, often with reactive maintenance practices, further compounds the challenge of ensuring energy supply reliability.

Westermo's Innovative Solution

To tackle these challenges head-on, Westermo harnesses cellular communication technology, offering robust and dependable cellular routers tailored for remote access to secondary substations from control centers. The Merlin industrial cellular routers and Lynx switches stand out with the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) on the market, ensuring minimal downtime even in demanding environments. With dual-SIM functionality, these routers provide redundant connections to control centers, bolstering reliability.

Additionally, Westermo's cutting-edge Zero Touch deployment software, Activator, simplifies router installation and automates deployment processes, ensuring cost-effective and consistent onboarding, even in large-scale projects. Prioritizing cybersecurity, the Merlin series comes equipped with features like Secure Boot, Trusted Platform Module, IPSec encryption, and stateful firewall, fortifying defenses against potential cyber threats.

Key Benefits for Smart Grid Communications

  • Establish Robust Cellular Communication: Connect secondary substations securely with control centers for seamless data transmission.
  • Streamline Deployment with Activator: Automate router installation and deployment processes for efficient project implementation.

  • Enhance Cybersecurity: Protect critical infrastructure with VPN and firewall features, safeguarding against potential cyber-attacks.

Recommended Products

  • Cellular Routers for Smart Grid Applications: Compact and durable wireless cellular routers designed for secondary substation connectivity.

  • Managed Industrial Layer 3 Switches: Westermo's industrial-managed Layer 3 Ethernet switches combine ruggedness, serving as industrial switches, routers, and firewalls in a single unit.

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