More Megabits per Second
More Spectrum
Interference Robustness
Range up to 10 miles (16 km)

For High Density and Bandwidth Intensive Wireless Applications

Building on the legacy of the Tsunami platform, the MP-10250-BSX intelligent base station represents the next generation of wireless technology, leveraging Proxim's innovative SmartConnect framework. This cutting-edge solution combines Proxim's BeamX antenna and Proxim SmartScan radio with the robust and reliable Tsunami 10000 platform, resulting in a significantly improved performance that can withstand even the most challenging interference environments. By unlocking the additional 5GHz spectrum, the MP-10250-BSX delivers unparalleled Mbps capabilities.

Key Technology

At the heart of the Tsunami 10250 lies Proxim SmartConnect, a technology engineered to excel in densely populated environments and notoriously difficult interference scenarios.

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What’s included?

Proxim SmartScan™

Proxim SmartScan technology performs real-time analysis of the RF spectrum, generating channel availability tables that enable seamless switching to open channels in case of weather radar detection or interference. This eliminates the initial transmission delay, making DFS channel usage more efficient. Additionally, SmartScan unlocks access to the 5.600-5.650 GHz sub-band, allowing for the effective utilization of up to 355 MHz of DFS spectrum.

BeamX™ Antenna

The Smart antenna features a 17° beam that dynamically adjusts its direction to the remote subscriber unit, spanning a 60° sector, to minimize interference from nearby RF sources. This enables BeamX to improve the radio Signal Noise Ratio (SNR), allowing for higher modulation rates and ultimately increasing throughput.

Performance Advantages

Interference Robustness

Proxim SmartConnect features BeamX, Proxim's proprietary technology that dynamically steers the antenna's main beam towards the remote end of the link, reducing interference from nearby RF sources and providing superior interference robustness compared to traditional sector antennas.

More Spectrum

Proxim SmartConnect technology includes Proxim SmartScan, a dedicated scan radio that continuously monitors the surrounding RF environment. This allows the system to rapidly switch to a free channel in case of weather radar detection or heavy interference, making DFS channels more usable. Additionally, it enables access to the 5.600-5.650 GHz sub-band, effectively utilizing up to an additional 355 MHz of DFS spectrum.

More Megabits per Second

The BeamX antenna's narrower beam width improves the radio signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by up to 6 dB compared to a traditional 60-degree sector antenna, enabling the use of higher modulation and, subsequently, higher throughput and system performance.

MP-10250 Includes the Entire Tsunami® Feature Set

Proxim ClearConnect™

The Tsunami radios' advanced features ensure reliable performance even in extremely RF-challenged environments where other wireless technologies may struggle. These features include adaptive technologies such as Dynamic Channel Selection, Satellite Density, and Beam Steering, among others, which optimize spectrum efficiency and minimize error rates.

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After 15 years of continuous development and expertise, Proxim has created WORP, a reliable, secure, and efficient wireless protocol that ensures guaranteed delivery and optimal performance. With Quality of Service controls, WORP supports a range of applications, including quad-play services like mobility, video surveillance, VoIP, and other delay-sensitive multimedia applications. Additionally, WORP helps ISPs manage bandwidth and differentiate service offerings by enabling the enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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Recommended Applications

Urban Deployment

Urban Deployment

Key Advantages

WORP dynamically adjusts to changing conditions, allowing it to operate effectively in crowded RF environments. It also excels in urban canyon scenarios, where it can find the optimal reflection path to maintain reliable connectivity.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Key Advantages

WORP improves link stability, ensuring continuous connectivity. Additionally, it operates without cut-off times in DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) bands, allowing for seamless transmission. Furthermore, it enables more cameras to be connected to each base station, increasing the overall capacity of the wireless network.

Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Key Advantages

WORP offers more available spectrum, enabling faster data speeds and greater capacity. It also provides higher Mbps (megabits per second) rates, allowing for faster and more efficient data transfer. Furthermore, it boasts higher interference robustness, ensuring reliable communication even in noisy environments.

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Multipoint 10250 BeamX Series

  • Beam steering antenna for optimum performance
  • 2×2 MIMO radio delivering up to 672Mbps throughput
  • Advanced QoS for quad-play applications
  • AES 128 bit encryption with 256 bit upgrade option
  • 20, 40, and 80 MHz channels