Redefining Networks: The Convergence of IT and OT

In the quest for innovation, the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) has become an imperative goal. In today's landscape, industrial networks must transform and seamlessly integrate these two domains.

Moxa is at the forefront of this transformation, dedicated to empowering industrial networks to embrace the next generation of networking. With Moxa, businesses can construct robust and flexible networks that are future-focused. These networks provide the seamless data connectivity and integration required to embark on a digitalized future.

Challenges in Futureproofing

The ultimate vision of a unified IT/OT network promises increased efficiency, heightened system reliability, and a simplified network structure, all while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Some innovative technologies, like Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), are already being championed by industry leaders in pursuit of this promising convergence. 

While this might seem like a distant horizon for many businesses, the gradual upgrading of network infrastructure to align with future transformation needs is an ideal approach. However, the vast array of product and design options can make futureproof networking for seamless data connectivity seem daunting, with various common obstacles to navigate. 

With Futureproof Network Infrastructure You Can …

Enable Seamless Communication

Moxa offers reliable edge-to-core networking solutions that meet the requirements of different network layers to support current and future data connectivity needs and sustain continuous operations.

Minimize Security Risks

Moxa’s security-hardened networking solutions make it easier to protect OT networks from cyber threats and maximize system availability.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Moxa provides a centralized network management solutions to simplify management, letting you plan, control, and maintain your network more easily.

Discover Moxa Solutions

Moxa's futureproof industrial network solutions are meticulously crafted to assist businesses in establishing infrastructure that serves current and future application needs. These solutions capitalize on the integration of IT and OT systems.

Edge-to-core Networking:

Moxa equips you with the tools to establish a reliable network foundation that future-proofs your network. This empowers seamless data connectivity and integration from the edge to the core.

*Highlight Products:

EDS-2000/G2000 Series
Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

    RKS-G4000 Series
    Industrial Rackmount Ethernet Switches

      EDS-4000/G4000 Series
      Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches

      SDS-3000 Series

      Industrial Smart Ethernet Switches

      EDS-2000/G2000 Series

      Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

      Security-hardened Networking:

      Moxa's industrial Ethernet products are architected around the concept of embedded secure DNA, aligning with the IEC 62443 standard. These products serve as the cornerstones for secure networks. The defense-in-depth strategy that underpins them safeguards your network through secure segmentation and threat prevention. This provides the capability to vigilantly monitor your network's security status and respond swiftly to any cyber threats.

      *Highlight Products:

      EDR-G9010 Series
      Industrial Secure Routers

      NAT-102 Series
      Industrial Network Address Translation Devices

      OnCell G4302-LTE4 Series
      Industrial LTE Cat.4 Secure Cellular Routers

      Centralized Network Management:

      With comprehensive real-time visibility of your industrial networks, you can effortlessly oversee devices across network layers. This capability allows you to optimize operations and enhance availability throughout all stages of network deployment, management, and maintenance.

      *Highlight Products:

        MXview One Series
        Industrial Network Management Software

          MXsecurity Series
          Industrial Network Security Management Software

          Moxa Solutions for Your Applications


          Smart manufacturing relies on the interconnection of all devices in the factory. Real-time information is the key to optimizing operational efficiency and reducing production costs. Having reliable network infrastructure capable of uninterrupted data transmissions is critical to success.

          Intelligent Transportation

          From roads to tunnels to bridges, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) rely on traffic flow, speed, and density data, as well as weather conditions and surveillance video to achieve efficient traffic management. To enable smart operations, you need futureproof network infrastructure capable of collecting and processing a vast amount of traffic sensor and video data in real-time.

          Oil & Gas

          Oil refineries are one of the mission-critical applications that rely on precise process automation and 24/7 operations. Maximizing operational uptime requires a reliable network infrastructure that can accommodate a great number of connected field devices and enables real-time monitoring at the control center.

          Moxa is your partner in this transformative journey towards IT/OT convergence. Embrace the future of networking and propel your business into a digitally-driven era.

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