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admin 08 May 0 118
Westermo has introduced a new line of user-friendly and compact unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches, offering reliable solutions for expanding data networks. The SandCat series, featuring five-po..
admin 30 Apr 0 190
EV Station With Cabinet and DispenserThe key to success in EV charging lies in scalability and efficiency. The Scale EV Charging Station combines a cabinet and dispenser, transforming the way we charg..
admin 26 Feb 0 201
In the oil and gas industry, the demand for equipment and network connections that withstand harsh conditions cannot be overstated. Any lapse in performance can lead to significant consequences, inclu..
admin 24 Feb 0 211
In today's interconnected world, maintaining a seamless and uninterrupted electricity supply is crucial, especially with the increasing complexity of the grid. As more consumers adopt solar energy, de..
admin 16 Jan 0 224
Oil refineries are one of the mission-critical applications that rely on precise process automation and 24/7 operations. Maximizing operational uptime requires a reliable network infrastructure that c..
admin 27 Nov 0 311
Redefining Networks: The Convergence of IT and OT In the quest for innovation, the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operati..
admin 31 Oct 0 504
Your One-Stop Shop for Industrial NetworksWith more than 35 years of industrial network connectivity expertise, Moxa provides a wide-range, industry-proven networking product portfolio to fulfill ever..
admin 14 Oct 0 276
Enhancing energy efficiency has become a key mission for factory operators. To achieve this goal, a secure and efficient network for the facility monitoring and control system (FMCS) is crucial to ena..
admin 17 Sep 0 330
In the race to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, renewable energy adoption is surging. Within the next three years, around 98% of new power generation is projected to be from renewables, driving a t..
admin 18 Aug 0 1115
As a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions, Moxa offers the most comprehensive portfolio of industrial PoE switches that ensure reliable pow..
admin 09 Aug 0 428
Power plants that generate electricity from wind turbines or solar panels must ensure continuous operation to optimize their performance, given the seasonality of the power source. It is therefore cri..
admin 08 Aug 0 237
Compact Gigabit Ethernet Switches Meet Current and Future Requirements of Mission-critical NetworksWestermo has launched a powerful range of compact industrial Ethernet switches and routers to meet th..
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