The OnCell G4302-LTE4 cellular router is a powerful solution integrating certified cybersecurity features following IEC 62443-4-2 standards, offering a robust and industrial-grade design to secure connections and shield assets from cyber threats. Featuring robust firewall, VPN, and NAT technologies, the OnCell G4302 ensures secure data transmission, guaranteeing a safe environment against potential cyberattacks.

Moreover, the OnCell G4302 collaborates seamlessly with MXsecurity network security management software, providing a visual representation of network status. This user-friendly software facilitates quick troubleshooting and debugging by allowing operational technology (OT) staff to respond promptly to real-time notifications. By providing centralized management for distributed devices, MXsecurity empowers managers to maintain top-notch network stability effortlessly.

Shield Your IoT Application with a Robust Cybersecurity Layer

Network Management Visualized With MXsecurity

MOXA MXsecurity offers intuitive web-based interfaces, simplifying deployment and management while maintaining compatibility with various industrial control systems and secure routers. Its embedded IoT cybersecurity features, including deep packet inspection and traffic analysis, provide real-time protection against potential cyber threats. Users can easily monitor the status of secure cellular routers through the map view and device dashboard, ensuring consistent and reliable connections. Additionally, the remote SMS control feature supports quick recovery by enabling users to reboot cellular routers during troubleshooting. Scheduled reports for device inventory or traffic status save valuable maintenance time, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Effortlessly Monitor Network Connections

in Distributed Environments


The map view feature helps users oversee all

secure cellular routers, while the dashboard

offers insights into connection performance,

ensuring devices are functioning optimally.

Remote Device Control for Uninterrupted


SMS-enabled control allows for convenient

router reboots or internet connection recovery

through VPNs.

Streamlined Maintenance with Scheduled Reports

MXsecurity generates four types of reports to suit

the needs of OnCell secure routers:

  • An inventory report provides a summary of

the inventory.

  • Cellular signal records signal status to pinpoint

the exact incident time.

  • Data usage reports communication costs information.
  • The GPS-enabled trail report tracks mobile device

mobility trails equipped with secure cellular routers.


Reliable Connections Ensure Steady Monitoring of Distributed Power Applications

The OnCell G4302 secures cellular routers and efficiently connects feeder terminal units (FTUs) to feeder remote terminal units (FRTUs). Designed for distributed network monitoring, this router includes dual SIM slots for redundant cellular services, ensuring seamless connectivity. GuaranLink retrieves internet connections upon signal failure, while WAN redundancy switches to a better-performing interface for maximum connectivity.

Product Highlight

  • OnCell G4302

Cellular standardsLTE CAT-4, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, GSM
No.of Ethernet Ports2 GE RJ45 ports
No. of Serial Ports1 RS-232/422/485
No.of SIMs2 Nano SIM
ManagementGuaranLink, Syslog, Back Pressure Flow Control, LLDP, Power Management, Wireless Search Utility, MXview One, MXconfig, MxSecurity, MRC Quick Link
Global SupportSupport for global cellular bands including America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Japan
SecuritySecure boot, Firewall, NAT, IPsec VPN

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