Step into the future of industrial connectivity with Moxa's new UPort® USB-to-serial converters. The UPort®1600-8-G2 and UPort® 1400-G2 series are designed to meet diverse connectivity needs, offering USB 3.2 SuperSpeed capability, 2 kV isolation protection, and broad OS compatibility.

UPort 1600-8-G2 Series:

Unlock scalability and reliability with the UPort® 1600-8-G2 Series, featuring 8-port converters that cascade seamlessly for up to 32 ports. This series delivers robust performance and secure connections for instrumentation applications, ideal for challenging environments.

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UPort 1400-G2 Series:

Experience high-speed connectivity with the UPort® 1400-G2 Series, delivering 4-port converters with latching USB cables for firmer connections. With wide operating temperature models, these converters ensure reliability in harsh environments.

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Reliable, Last Longer

Locked and Ready

Latching cable design
eliminates any chance
for failure

Built for Heat and Cold

Model options for wide
temperature and isolation

Bigger Means Better

Unlock better performance
with a bigger FIFO size

Flexible, Connect Easier

Connect However You Like It

cascading up to 32 Ports

Shine on Both Sides

2-side LED display for better user experience

Sustainable, Go Greener

No More Heavy Carrying

No adapter is required in most conditions

Do More With Less

20% less power consumption compared to the generation

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