In the oil and gas industry, the demand for equipment and network connections that withstand harsh conditions cannot be overstated. Any lapse in performance can lead to significant consequences, including operational inefficiencies, compromised safety, and reduced competitiveness. Therefore, reliable, efficient, and future-proof solutions are imperative for success in this sector.

A prime example is Streamline Innovations, which faced a significant challenge in removing hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) from gas and converting it into agricultural-grade sulfur. To overcome this hurdle, they embraced futureproof networking solutions and robust devices, achieving remote control over chemical processes and enhancing operational performance significantly.

Their success underscores the critical importance of reliability in oil-and-gas systems. It highlights how the right networking technologies can minimize hidden costs and ensure quality output over the long term.

Let's explore two real-world applications that underscore the significance of reliability in oil and gas operations:

Application 1: Offshore Oil Drilling

In offshore drilling, where monitoring and operational support are complex, dependable communication and robust monitoring networks are essential. A sturdy network infrastructure, emphasizing durability and redundancy, is crucial for ensuring uninterrupted operations, even in harsh environments. Implementing products with maritime and hazardous area certifications ensures safety and reliability, supporting sustainable production.

Application 2: Oil-and-Gas Pipelines

Efficient transportation of oil and natural gas across extensive pipeline networks demands reliable fiber optic Ethernet networks. These networks facilitate swift identification and resolution of pipeline issues, ensuring consistent pressure and seamless remote monitoring. Cybersecurity measures are equally vital to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard data integrity.

Overcoming Networking Challenges for a Smart Future

Futureproof networking solutions, characterized by reliability, security, and simplified management, are indispensable for enhancing competitiveness in the oil and gas industry. By embracing these solutions, organizations can ensure smooth operations, resilience, and efficiency in their operations.

To explore further applications, such as oil refineries, and learn how to build efficient and future-proof industrial network architectures, download our application note. This resource provides valuable insights into ensuring reliability and resilience in oil and gas applications.

Product Highlights

EDS-G4012 Series

12G-port full Gigabit managed Ethernet switches with an 8 802.3bt PoE port option

MXview Series

Industrial network management software designed for converged automation networks

EDR-G9010 Series

8 GbE copper + 2 GbE SFP multiport industrial secure router

MGate MB3170/MB3270 Series

1 and 2-port advanced serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways

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