Machine builders and automation engineers are expecting to find an easy way to monitor both control systems and network status from their SCADA/HMI, so that they can react in time to minimize the downtime of the entire system. In addition, the most common concern related to deploying managed switches is operational complexity, including both setup and subsequent management.

Moxa’s super-slim SDS-3000 Series industrial smart switches are designed to meet these challenges. With their simplified protocol configuration, flexible mounting design, easy-to-use interface, and slim form factor, the SDS-3000 Series industrial smart switches are the perfect fit for control cabinets in any smart manufacturing application.

Common Challenges for Ethernet Switch Deployment



Cost Issue

For applications that require only basic

monitoring and control functions, it’s

not economical for engineers to

choose expensive managed switches,

which often support too many unneeded


Space Limitations

Engineers work with different types

of control cabinets, and each one has

space or installation limitations.



Complex Configuration

IT-oriented user interfaces, which are

often very complicated and come with

steep learning curve for IA engineers,

make it harder to update configurations

and handle basic troubleshooting tasks.

industrial protocols supported
and one-click setup to prep your
switch for management from


installation options, including
DIN-rail and rack-mounting to fit into

almost any type of industrial cabinet.


page configuration dashboard

makes it extremely easy to configure

and deploy your switch and the UI

supports six different languages.

Bottling Machine

“If we can check the production line and network
status all on the SCADA system, it will help us
ensure smooth operations.” 

– Plant Manager                                                            


therefor, we provide our maintenance engineers 
with simple and safe instructions so they can
perform troubleshooting and return the system
to normal as we could.“

– Elevator builder


SDS-3008/3016 Series
8/16-port Smart Switches

  • SDS-3016: 14+2G-port Gigabit Ethernet switches
    SDS-3008: 8-port Ethernet switches
  • Three industrial protocols supported including EtherNet/IP,

    PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP

  • Two installation methods with DIN-rail and rack-mounting options
  • One-page dashboard GUI for easy configuration and port diagnostics reports
  • One-step configuration to enable seamless SCADA/HMI/NMS integration
  • Ultra-compact design that fits into almost any control cabinet
  • Supports RSTP/STP/MRP (Client) network redundancy
  • Rotary DIP switch to perform profile-based settings (SDS-3016 only)