Optimize Your Energy Usage with Reliable Power Monitoring

Improving energy efficiency to reduce cost remains a priority for
industrial applications. Monitoring power quality, energy consumption,
and device status provides operators with the necessary information to
maximize power usage. With more power devices and systems now
connected to networks, developing a reliable connection between your
power devices and energy management systems is crucial. To ensure
that system operators receive power-related data on time, Moxa has a
wide range of products, including protocol gateways,
remoteI/Os, and
Ethernet media converters, to help you enable reliable and secure
connectivity in a variety of power monitoring applications.


Easy, Reliable, and Secure Device Connectivity


EMI Immunity

It’s important to maintain stable
connections in the extreme
environments where power devices
are placed. Featuring fiber
connectivity, serial isolation, and dual
power inputs, our device connectivity
solutions endure EMI to minimize


Easy Deployment

Don’t let mass connected devices
wear you down. Our device
connectivity solutions support
Ethernet cascading, mass
configuration tools, and efficient
protocol troubleshooting, making
deployment easy for you.


Enhanced Security

To ramp up your edge device security,
our device connectivity solutions
come with embedded security
functions such as user
authentications and HTTPS
connection, helping you reduce the
risk of unwanted access.

Enabling Your Power Monitoring Applications

Power Consumption Monitoring

Enhancing power usage efficiency and reducing
energy Are many business' main goals. Monitoring
the operational Status of your power distribution unit
(PDU) gives operators More information about their
daily power consumption. Moxa helped our clients
to enable reliable connectivity to ensure The
transmission of accurate power usage data.


Power Quality Monitoring

Power devices deployed nearby main power

sources, such as switchgears, automated transfer

switches (ATS), and uninterrupted power supply (UPS),

require constant monitoring to ensure the power quality

is at an acceptable level. This case study describes how

Moxa’s solution enabled our client’s power quality

monitoring applications in their data centers.


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is not only used for
maintaining stable operating environments, but
also for providing insights on how to optimize efficiency.
HVAC systems take up a huge chunk of your power
consumption in factories and commercial buildings.
An international hypermarket located in Taiwan
chose Moxa’s solutions to enable their energy
-efficient HVAC systems.


Your Connectivity Solutions for Power Monitoring

Protocol Gateways

                     MGate MB3170/MB3270 Series

                    1 and 2-port Modbus gateways


                     - Rugged design
                    - Intuitive configuration tools
                    - A traffic monitoring tool simplifies


         MGate MB3660 Series

         8 and 16-port Modbus gateways

         - High port-density design
         - Fast and active serial data polling
         - A traffic monitoring tool simplifies


         MGate 5217 Series

         Modbus-to-BACnet gateways

         - Embedded security functions
         - Rugged design
         - Easy-to-use mass configuration tools


Remote I/Os


ioThinx 4510 Series

Advanced modular remote I/O adapter with built-in serial ports

  • Easy tool-free installation and removal
  • Easy web configuration and reconfiguration
  • Supports Modbus/SNMP/RESTful API/MQTT
  • Supports SNMPv3 for secure data transmissions

Ethernet Media Converters

      IMC-21A Series

      Ethernet-to-fiber media

  • Link fault pass-through 
  • -40 to 75°C operating temperature  range


      IMC-101 Series

      Ethernet-to-fiber media

  • Power failure alarm by relay output
  • Redundant dual DC power inputs