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31 May Network Management
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Why Network Management Is ImportantFor control engineers, their primary goal is to ensure that they have system availability, but they often do this without focusing on the network status. This is bec..
12 May Palm-sized Arm-based Computing Platform for Efficient Data Transfer
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                                Easy to InstallThe small form factor enables intight spaces, making the computerideal for space-constrained applications.easy installation in tight spaces, makingthe co..
27 Apr Visualize the Wireless Networks of Your AGV and AS/RS Systems
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Ensuring the Uptime of Your Wireless NetworkFor AGV and AS/RS SystemsAutomated material handling (AMH) systems are expected to keep booming in the coming years thanks to developing trends in e-commerc..
16 Apr Effortless Access to Your Remote Machines
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Easy-to-use and Flexible Secure Remote AccessRemote access to PLCs, HMIs, and automation networks can help you reduce onsite visits, improve services, and increase operational efficiency while saving ..
03 Apr Moxa Introduces Secure Hardened Modbus-to-BACnet Gateways for Your Critical Power Communications
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Moxa, a leading provider of industrial edge connectivity solutions, introduced a new series of secure hardened Modbus-to-BACnet protocol gateways. The MGate 5217 Series consists of industrial protocol..
22 Feb Adapt To Changes With Big Gains
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A Tiny but Mighty Ethernet SwitchAs the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and improve, the requirements of network infrastructure constantly change when refurbishing or expanding facilities. ..
04 Nov Enable AIoT Computing at the Extreme Edge
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Rugged AIoT Edge Computers for Tough Environments The MC-1220 Series rugged edge computers feature high-performance Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor and multiple expansion interfaces. The expansion int..
18 Oct Moxa Remote Solutions Webinar
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Rockford Communication Solutions is pleased to invite you to attend a Moxa webinar titled "Moxa Remote Solutions" on October 21 from 10:30 to 11:30 (Doha time).  What will you learn?Agenda as below:Th..
27 Aug Moxa Webinar - 360-degree Approach to secure your OT Cybersecurity
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Rockford Communication Solutions is pleased to invite you to attend a Moxa webinar titled "360-degree Approach to secure your OT Cybersecurity" on September 16 starting at 10:30 - 11:30 (Doha Time). I..
12 Aug Defend Your Industrial Networks
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Build Secure Network Infrastructure without Compromising Production Efficiency While companies are tapping into the opportunities that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to offer, digitaliza..
04 Aug Dramatically Reduce Cyberattack Paths Inside Your Industrial Networks
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Protect Your Critical AssetsIndustrial networks today are no longer air-gapped and immune from cybersecurity threats. Although deploying a firewall and segmenting networks is a good first step, how ar..
01 Aug Strengthen the Defense of Your Industrial Networks
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Secure Your Industrial Networks Every Step of the WayDriven by both top-down and bottom-up forces, industrial cybersecurity has become an urgent initiative in many different industries. On one hand, t..
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